Multi-Award Winning Salon

Delighted to have won silver in The British Hair and Beauty Awards 2021, one of the most prestigious awards in our industry! 
Fast forward one year and Jackie has scooped 5 Awards in the following categories:

GOLD - Microblading Expert of the Year

GOLD - Brow Specialist of the Year

GOLD - Beauty Therapist of the Year

GOLD - Beauty Salon of the Year

BRONZE - Excellence in Customer Service

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  • How do I book an appointment?

The best way to book an appointment is via the 'BOOK' tab on my Booking System above or you can call me on 07794613309 or message me, however it may be later that day that I can get back to you due to work purposes 

  • Is there car parking?

Yes there is free car parking on-site 

  • Where are you based in the Business Centre?

I am on the ground level. There is a telephone in the foyer with my number next to it to call through.

  • Are there toilets available for me to use?

Yes there are toilets available also on the ground floor

  • Can I bring my child/children to my appointment?

Unfortunately no children are allowed in my room due to insurance reasons. The only exception is if they're getting their ears/nose pierced and they have to be with their parent/guardian.

  • How do I pay for my treatment?

At the moment, I accept cash, PayPal or bank transfer and these can all be done at the time of your appointment via my device

  • Can I have something to drink at my appointment?

Yes, you're welcome to bring a drink and there are tea/coffee facilities in my salon room.

  • My nails are brittle and keep breaking and snapping, is there anything I can do to grow them?

Yes, I can help you grow and nourish your natural nails with Builder Gel. I’ve helped hundreds of people grow their own natural nails back to health without the need for extensions

  • What is Microblading?

Microblading is where I create small hair strokes in your brow area by implementing a pigment that is semi-permanent and can last up to 1 or 2 years before needing the big top-up. A small top-up is required between 4 and 8 weeks later. 

  • Is Microblading sore?

I get asked this question a lot, everyone’s pain threshold is different so everyone feels it different to the next person. The actual Microblading itself doesn’t take long to do, it’s the initial appointment of mapping your brows and getting the symmetry correct before proceeding with Microblading. 

  • Is Microblading for everyone?

No unfortunately Microblading is not for everyone, I will hold a thorough medical consultation with you which will decide if you’re a good candidate for having Microblading done. If we can go ahead with the procedure, I will perform the patch test at that appointment which will be at least 48 hours prior to having the Microblading done

  • Is there aftercare with Microblading?

Yes I will provide you with an aftercare kit and an instructions form for you to follow post Microblading 

  • What will Microblading look like on me?

Microblading is tailored to suit your needs, I am trained to colour match and shape your brows to suit your facial shape. Microblading can be very natural looking and sometimes you can’t tell what is hair and what is Microblading strokes. I listen to all your concerns and fully take into consideration what you want to achieve with Microblading and will never leave you with big dark brows looking like ‘slugs’. Always make sure you check out your therapists before and after pictures, if they’re qualified and insured, please do your research before proceeding with Microblading as it’s a semi-permanent procedure on your face! I will gladly show anyone who asks me, my qualifications or any other info you want. There have been a few horror stories with Microblading in the news over the years, please don’t let this be you. 

  • How long do Eyelash Extensions take?

This really depends on how much eyelashes you have, I need you to lay as still as possible for your treatment, the bed will be made as comfortable and warm as possible for you and lash naps are welcome. From Classic Individual Eyelash Extensions to Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions, your appointment can take anything from 1 hour to 2.5 hours, so please make sure you can lay on your back for this time and you make a toilet trip beforehand. A patch test and consultation is required at least 48 hours prior to treatment 

  • What is Henna Brows?

With Henna Brows, I colour match you and map your brows to suit your face shape. It’s similar to a tint but can last longer, up to 2 weeks on the skin and up to 6 weeks on the hair, depending on your skin type. Henna gives more of a ‘block’ filled in look.

  • What are the benefits of Indian Head Massage?

This treatment is amazing for some ‘me-time’ to help relax and de-stress! Long term benefits can include: Reduces the effects of depression and anxiety, Lightens stress and muscular tension, Soothes headaches, neck and back ache, Relieves eye strain discomfort, Reduce mental and physical strain, Improve concentration levels, memory and alertness, Increase energy levels that help to improve productivity.

  • Are patch tests required for all treatments even if I’ve had the treatment lots of times elsewhere before?

Yes, it’s so important to be patch tested at least 48 hours prior to any treatment that requires patch testing, I will not perform a treatment without patch testing first, it is a legal requirement from my insurance and your safety is my priority. As therapists, we may use different brands and ratios to other salons, if you were to take a reaction and an anaphylactic shock to a product that you were not patch tested for, it could be seriously life threatening. 

  • What is Dermalux LED Light Phototherapy and its benefits?

Dermalux LED Light Phototherapy is an award winning medically approved device that can help with so many things, like pain - musculoskeletal, wound healing - post surgery, anti-ageing and skin concerns and conditions such as: Rosacea, Acne - mild or severe, face or back, redness and inflammation, pigmentation, eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis etc. A thorough consultation is needed before treatment. Results show that some people see and feel the benefits after only 1 treatment. Each treatment area lasts for 30 minutes


  • I have skin concerns, I get confused with all the Skincare products on the market and don’t know where to start, can you help me?

Yes I can, I offer a natural and organic Professional Skincare System which suits all skin types. I can offer a skin consultation and analysis, and provide you with a tailored prescription to suit your budget.
I also offer an anti-ageing professional skin product which can be ordered on request. 
Both skincare product lines are used in the different variety of Facials I offer, which will be discussed at a consultation before your treatment. 
Please feel free to get in contact, there’s no obligation to purchase

If you have any questions that are not mentioned above, please do get in contact with me and I’d be happy to answer. I’m very approachable, I pride myself with a high standard of hygiene and safety in my salon as you are my top priority when you visit my clinic. 

Jackie Brown. 


- About me -


Over the years, Jackie has built up her Beauty Business step by step, offering the latest sought after Beauty treatments and delivering a fabulous service.

Always keeping up to date with training and educating her clients with her impeccable knowledge to help them on their Beauty journey, as her clients whom many have become friends, love coming to her salon. It's a very friendly atmosphere and Jackie is very welcoming and approachable.

She has a passion for all things Beauty and loves to help people feel good about themselves. She loves to hear that her clients feel relaxed at their appointments.

Of course, Jackie is also a great listener and anything you talk about will be kept private and confidential, always. She has shared many a tear and a laugh with many clients over the years.

She prides herself in being highly qualified and experienced and has very high hygiene and safety standards within her Beauty Business.

Jackie is one of the areas Microblading Experts and has been established since 2017.

Her passion has also developed into skincare and she has evolved into offering Dermalux LED Light Phototherapy, Fraserburgh's only leading Dermalux Specialist.

For 2023, Jackie has since trained in the ever growing popular treatment of Microneedling and loves to offer this to help her clients with their skin looking and feeling better. 

Crowned Silver Winner of Rising Star of the Year Award 2021 by one of the most prestigious awards in the industry - The British Hair and Beauty Awards. Fast forward one year and she's scooped another 5 awards in these categories:

GOLD - Microblading Expert of the year

GOLD - Brow Specialist of the year

GOLD - Beauty Therapist of the Year

GOLD - Beauty Salon of the Year

BRONZE - Excellence in Customer Service

We really look forward to welcoming you into our Multi-Award Winning Salon and hope you become part of our Salon family. 

Rejuvenate with Jackie Brown, Fraserburgh

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